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A fresh coat of paint is the best way to give your property a new look, hire our professional Painters V&A Waterfront for your peace of mind!  V&A Waterfront Painting Contractors are one of Cape Town’s leading painting and decorating contractors, having successfully completed a wide range of projects. With 15 years of local trading, V&A Waterfront Painting Contractors offer exceptional customer service, high standards, quality materials and meticulous attention to detail you can be certain that your project will be a success. We are an established and reputable painting company in Cape Town.  We have a team of highly qualified, skilled painters and decorators who will leave your property looking better than new.    Popular seaside locations such as V&A Waterfront visited by local and foreign tourists are prone to harsh weather and sea conditions which requires the best possible care from the best painting professionals.  Many painting contractors don’t realize how different painting requirements are for seaside locations than from other areas further inland.  

We have built up excellent working relationships with many respected Interior Designers, Architects and Building Contractors.  So if you are looking to hire a painting contractor in V&A Waterfront, look no further than Painters V&A Waterfront, decorators you can trust. We offer affordable and competitive pricing.  Contact Us on 082 3412707 or via our website for a free no-obligation quotation.

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Painters V&A Waterfront
Painters V&A Waterfront
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Signs of damp include a band or tide mark which is clearly visible. Hygroscopic salt deposits e.g chlorides or nitrates on the wall, bubbling paint or damaged plaster confirm a problem exists or as existed previously. aided with an electronic moisture meter, our representative will determine the extent and causes of the damp problem. A complete and proper recommendation is only given after a thorough investigation.

Roof Cleaning & Painting

Before painting commences, repairs such as dampproofing and rust treatment are attended to. The repair process is followed by a cleaning process, where the roof or walls are cleaned with a high pressure cleaner, or steel brushes, to remove loose paint and dirt, depending on the type of surface.

Fascias & Eaves

We offer repairs to any affected fascia boards, eaves and roof structure. Fascia Boards & Eaves are often overlooked when homeowners repaint their roofs. It is important to maintain the facia boards and sustainability of your home. When exposed to severe weather, the wooden fascia’s can quickly rot as it is made of wood.

High Pressure Cleaning

One of the essential requirements for the repair/painting of your roof is a high pressure water cleaning. This will remove dirt, moss, mould, leaves and grime or any other foreign substance that may have build up over the years. High Pressure cleaning will give your roof a fresh clean look and ready for painting.